Books to Palo Mayombe

              The Frend Butako

               The secrets of the Palo Mayombe intense.

                                                                                      The Freuind Butako.



I would invite the reader to accompany me on this fabulous journey that our Tatandi Entuala Kongo to the fascinating world of the Palo Exotic. Being able to have the privilege of being guided our steps along the path of teaching is an honor that few can enjoy. The wisdom of this great character product Treasury Councils in Cuba. The Power have in our hands a little Teaching Legacy of Our Ancestors from Cuba; It is the purpose of this book, which hopefully will be of great help to all our brothers and friends in their evolutionary development of their spiritual lives. The Tatandi Sunday B. Lage this work dared to challenge the limits of the scheme's Teachings to give some light to the various unknowns and questions of many practitioners of our creed without preliminary estimate time or anyone, regardless of their spiritual development in La Rama del Palo. It is the interest of the distinguished Tatandi of this wonderful work that puts in your hands, dear reader Religion preserve this for future generations. Seed germination hope in the hands of all of you. My dear readers. Really we never know the course to take the leadings of this book, but yet in the same way that no one can trace the course and more wind Source however is so necessary The Air in our lives and always with us but not let's see; so we hope that all spirits with his hand to all people who in one way or another want to find this religion with faith, hope, and Respect. And, for all those whose positions have always been projecting his rebellious spirit and maintain a stout position all evolutionary movement, you are. The greatest inspiration to continue expanding our faith to all corners of the world. This book will navigate the contours of Patipembas will live in the memories of Tata Nkizis in their magic, Basics, and closely guarded secrets until today. With all my heart I express my friend and brother for many years his courage, his integrity helping to preserve our worship. This your new facet with your new baby (book) I wish with all my heart that you have a lot of success, you can reach new frontiers, open new consciousness. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world, perhaps if the world knew you as I have had the opportunity and privilege in these years could be of just an adjective that would describe it to you. My Old as I call him with respect. Lord Encyclopedia luck as you. It is a world full of secrets and Treaties. From a humble servant, Brother, and Friend


TATA BUTAKO Efraín Medina.


P.S; Mr. Encyclopedia Entuala Kongo


History Has Repeated Vol. # II

Of the Briyumba with Mayombe Religion


Indix. Vol II.



Gurufinda------------------------------------------------------# 10-11.


My witness Cabo Vela----------------------------------------#12-14.


I am not a Critic of the Religions, buta defender----------#15-16.


History do not Change---------------------------------------#17-19.


Agreement to mount a Kidembata------------------------------#20.

I dedicate his edition----------------------------------------------#21.


Treaty to do a tie-----------------------------------------------#22-23.


Agreement of the Mambos-----------------------------------#24-29.


The godparents are like parents------------------------------#30-34.


Nor I am an Unexpectd Gangulero-------------------------# 35-39.


The Treaty, of Katiyembe-----------------------------------#40-41..


Treaty to Untie a Peson-------------------------------------------#42.


For the Enemies---------------------------------------------------#-43.


To get out a Person from Prison---------------------------------#44.


To Untie any Work------------------------------------------------#45.

To Untie Two Person---------------------------------------------#46.


To Destroy A Palero------------------------------------------#47-48.


In Cuba You Never Kind of Problem-----------------------#49-51.


Bath for Love’ S Good Luck---------------------------------#52-53.


Treaty Of the Four Nganga-----------------------------------#54-55.


This person’s that I’ m about to Mention----------------------56.


Treaty Of The Tambula(Mariaguana)--------------------------#57.


Tambula for the Gangulero----------------------------------------58.


Treaty for the Retired Person above Nganga--------------#59-65.


These Are The Fourteen signature Madre Agua----------#66-79.


I am Ging to go Ahead Ans Say Something to ireteunfa-#80-82.


History Repeats Again----------------------------------------#83-84.


The Treaties Of Briyumba Cannot be Chand--------------#85-87.


Treaty Of Centella Ndoki And Zarabanda-------------------#88-96.


Chistopher Columbus never was who discoverd anything-97-101


In my visits to Cuba--------------------------------------------#102-104.


Bath For Love---------------------------------------------------#105-106.


We are the Responsible of allwing----------------------------------#107.


Firs lon the list are mrs.Eloisa Mosqueda Mothen Nkisi-----------#108.


Another thing that I want to clear-------------------------------#109-110.

For the bad things, the black kuava-----------------------------#111-116.

This Religion Briyumba With Mayombe-----------------------------117-119.


When you start to talk of Stick Mayombe-----------------------#120-121.

Bath for Love--------------------------------------------------------#122-123. 

I’m very easy to be Found----------------------------------------------#124.


Now, I arrived to the Unites State 31 year---------------------#125-126.

All the Talk Sons Of Chango--------------------------------------#127-132.

All the Religions Need Dedication-----------------------------------133-134.

That’s why with me no they can go whith thas ------Story-----135-136.

Treaty on how to Corners---------------------------------------------137-138.

Treaty of the in the Laurel in the Stick of Mayombe--------------------139.

Treaty Vititi Congo-----------------------------------------------------------140.

The Treaty of Ochanlá-------------------------------------------------141-142.

Treaty of bad Ndoki----------------------------------------------------143-145.

About the Autor---------------------------------------------------------146-147.



Black African Cat

It is fascinated

It is




It is fascinated-----------------------------------------------------------------5.


Preface----------------------------------------------------------------------6 –7.


Signatures of Brazo Fuerte-----------------------------------------------8-14.


Signatures of Centella Ndoki---------------------------------------- –15-35.


Signatures of Dambala--------------------------------------------------36-51.


Signatures of Tiembla Tierra-------------------------------------------52-72.


Signatures of Kuballende-----------------------------------------------73-92.


Signature of Dambala---------------------------------------------------93-95.


The Ozian of Zarabanda ---------------------------------------------------96.


Work to Merry a Person----------------------------------------------- 97-98.


Treaty when you have a bad godson--- ----------------------------------99.


Treaty to prepare a Kundembata--------------------------------—100-107.


I dedication.---------------------------------------------------------------- 108.


I am Goingo----------------------------------------------------------------109.

The Signatures--------------------------------------------------------------110.


Treaty of the Mambos (songs of stick)----------------------------111-115.


The stick is a stick--------------------------------------------------- 116-118.


History has repeated------------------------------------------------- 119-121.


This are the Mambos of Lucero—---------------------------------122-128.




                                                       Work to Un-Tie a Person-----------------------------------------------136.


For the Enemies------------------------------------------------------ -----137.


To take someone out of Jail---------------------------------------------- 138.


To Un-tie any Work -----------------------------------------\-------------139.


To Join Two Person--------------------------------------------------------140.


To fight, when you have reasons-----------------------------------141-146.


Religious Alert--------------------------------------------------------147-148.


False religions------------------------------------------------------------- 149.



History Has Repeated. Vol IV

Of the Briyumba With Mayombe.

History -------------------------------------------------------------- 1 -2.


Dedication --------------------------------------------------------------3.


Those that me bad desan, here they have me ----------------------------4.


Not I will be em major mayombero of the decade--------------------------5.


You that many criticize me but that ------------------------------------ 6 -8.


Dynasty of Lage ----------------------------------------------------------- .9 -10.


Sabiondo -------------------------------------------------------------------11 -12.


Briyumba doesn't have to do anything with Yoruba --------------------- 13 -14.


Dictionary Congo -------------------------------------------------------- 15 -22.


Birth of Entuala Kongo -------------------------------------------------- 23 -24.


My Consecration --------------------------------------------------------- 25 -27.


My arrival to this Country ------------------------------------------------- 28 -29.


My Adolecencia ---------------------------------------------------------------- 30 -32.


Investigator in African Religions --------------------------------------------------33.


The Modernism of some Santeros---------------- ---------------------------------34.


The Dictionary of Myombero -------------------------------------------------------35.


The History of our Ancestros ---------------=---------------------------------- 36 -49.


Linda Language -----------------------------------------------------------=--- 50 -51.


It already Broke the Silence --------------------------------------------------------52.


Treaty of the Human Body ------------------------------------------------------ 53 -54.


The Alphabetical Chart ----------------------------------------------------- 55 -143.


It Lacks of Respect ------------------------------------------------------- 144 -145.


The Atomic era ------------------------------------------------------------- 146 -157.


The spiritual carderos are empty carderos (false)


The spiritual cardero is not authentic. Our palo system, prohibit us to initiate a person that is not capable to belong in our religion. The Congo dictionary with treaties and mysteries. To make the Briyumba Congo religion. Mibo kilemendembo kukiefuiri co solombo kusuniako, tulocompe mekalamba dian nkunia comuriembe tamikitembe pegotumbele gonio guariao iso co muasegumbo guariyombo tekente maruambe gonio tulocompe katitembe.Katientanda quiambempe Domingo B.Lage.(entuala kongo). Botanica Tata Miguel. Pomona, CA.91766. domingo (760)265-9070.

The Book of Treaties And Covenants Palo Mayombe. 

These are the rules of the Palo Mayombe.


                These are the 17 steps you need to know a tata nkiza.


              1 - There is much confusion with religion, first stick has nothing

               to do with the orisha no much I am Manwith Ifa


              2 - The palo mayombe is justice. 

              The tata or father fa cultivation must have full knowledge to inititate someone.


               3 - Each trade in this religion has different ceremonies.


              4 - No one is born of direct father everything has its time and dedication.


             All the offices congo forced to go in search of the deities in the mount.


             5 - Madre Nkisi are important in the religion.


             6 - The must be respected not as these Padrinos made to live

            with them, that's a religious sacrilege.


             7 - Sponsors are required to teach the godchildren.


             8 - To the seven years the Godfather frees the godchildren when

             you receive the three mpungos of the nganga.


             9. No authorized godfather to break a goddaughter.


            10 - Developed Madre Nkisi are authorised for this purpose.


           11 - The godchildren and ahijadas look like children.


           12 - Initiates every person has a name that is recognized by the



           13 - Any child of nganga when it dies must ask the kinfuiti and

           fire him for that not is in limbo and not him cause problem to

           the godfather or members of their families.


           14 - The so-called retirement this religion does not exist.


            15 - The wives of the brothers and to the spouses of the sisters

            must be respected.


           16 - Respect to godparents.


           17 - Cauldron iron has no cover, that's invention today.





The Book of Treaties and Covenants of the Palo Mayombe.

1SBN 978-0-9842901-7-8   0-9842901-7-6

THE book of treaties and covenants of the Palo Mayombe.

Treated in Palo Mayombe ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1-2.

Dedicación -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3.

These are the rules of the Palo Mayombe ---------------------------------------------------------- 4.

The arrival of the slaves in Cuba------------------------------------------------------------------- - 5-6.

Treaties of Luceros and the burden that takes each one -------------------------------- 7-28.

As working with the Patipembas--------------------------------------  -------------------------- 29-80.

Proud of the treaties and covenants--------------------------- 81-84.


Water Kongoro-------------------------------------------------- 85-89.

The territory and the pier of the patipembas -------------- 90-100.

(Ten steps that need to know a tata nkiza--------------- - 101-102 .

Tried dog Nganga --------------------------------------------103-105.


Me dating back to the topic--------------------------------- 106-108.

To prepare amulets (reserves) ------------------------------ 109-118.

The modernism of the paleros of today ------------------- 119-120.

Baths, health, money, and love?------------------------- - 121-123.!


I will talk about the history of Palo Mayombe-------- ---124-125.

Dear readers because it is the Mayombe --------------- --126-127.

Treaty of retirees above nganga------------------------- -- 128-132.


Treaty of seven tombs -------------------------------------- 133-135.

Questions to consider---------------------------------------- 136-139.

My name is Eladio Mexico March 16, 2003--------------140-142.


I speak of ancient Africa ----------------------------------- 143-145.

What is palo Monte mayombe and Briyumba ----------- 146-147.

Rules without leaving tradition ---------------------------- 148-151.


Child without nation ---------------------------------------- 152-154.

The sad story of a Babalawo------------------------------ - 155-159.

Not all people were born to be Gangulero-------------- - 160-162.


Before all---------------------------------------------------- - 163-165.

The first tatas facts arrive 7 Mpaka ----------------------- 166-167.

Traitor of Kimbiza, briyumba and Mayombe---------- - 168-169.


Narradada by Maria Cristina Henao----------------------- 170-171.

The greatest thing in history ------------------------------- 172-173.

The fraud of Rubén González Pérez----------------------- 174-177.

Things that happen in Mexico with religion --------------178-179.

The great scam--------------------------------------------- - 180-182.

Testimony--------------------------------------------------- - 183-184.

The inventions of an Italian Kimbiza---------------------185-187.


1SBN 978-0-9842901-7-8   0-9842901-7-6

Pomona, CA.91767-(760)265-9070.



“If You Double Cross Me You Will   Pay

Of the Religion Briyumba And Mayombe

Afro- Cuba------------------------------------------------------------------------1.


No part of Libro-------------------------------------------------------------------3.




The wizard--------------------------------------------------------------------9-10.

This is History Mine---------------------------------------------------------11-17.

Is To be ------------------------------------------------------------------------18.

Doctor Mentira--------------------------------------------------------------19-22.


The Mangansones-----------------------------------------------------------26-29.

I do not understand-------------------------------------------------------------30.

It answers for Miguel Chango------------------------------------------------31-32.

Change of Life-------------------------------------------------------------------33.

Attention Reading-----------------------------------------------------------34-35.

It discovers his Astral Life---------------------------------------------------36-37.

Idiosingracia and Own Voluntad---------------------------------------------38-41.

The Good Monk--------------------------------------------------------------42-44.

Hello to all the Ganguleros---------------------------------------------------45-46.

Nsara Malekun--------------------------------------------------------------47-48.

Rambo Boricua--------------------------------------------------------------49-51.

Another History of Marokutu-------------------------------------------------52-53.

The Orders of Briyumba---------------------------------------------------------54.

The Bantue really learns-----------------------------------------------------55-62.

What Flock Is written not----------------------------------------------------63-64.

The Envy Translated in Bantues---------------------------------------------65-67.


The proverbs of our Ancestors-----------------------------------------------69-71.

Advice Professor----------------------------------------------------------------72.

The Grass and their Properties-----------------------------------------------73-76.

Me one Austed------------------------------------------------------------------77.

Loa blind AlsoDreams-------------------------------------------------------78-81.

Testimony of a Publisher--------------------------------------------------------82.

Thanks to the Envious ones-----------------------------------------------------83.

Belief Fanaticism or Ignorance---------------------------------------------------84.

Ramon Creek----------------------------------------------------------------85-86.

Critics or falsantes----------------------------------------------------------87-88.

The False Alarm ------------------------------------------------------------89-90.

Brother Entuala------------------------------------------------------------------91.

The Ticher-------------------------------------------------------------------92-94.

Hello Mr. Lage---------------------------------------------------------------95-96.

That he passes my Brother--------------------------------------------------97-98.

Your answer is brother here-------------------------------------------------99-100.

You and Andres Petit-----------------------------------------------------101-103.

Maltha Meza--------------------------------------------------------------104-105.

History of Aleida----------------------------------------------------------106-107.

History of Jose Ramon----------------------------------------------------108-111.

Farid Briseño-------------------------------------------------------------112-114.


24 of April 2008----------------------------------------------------------118-121.

2 of May 2008------------------------------------------------------------122-128.

Its question has been answered------------------------------------------------129.

In order To begin I am not Kimbiza. ---------------------------------------130-132.

Hello Mr. Lage------------------------------------------------------------133-135.

My name is Felix Ponce---------------------------------------------------136-138.

Message of a Publisher---------------------------------------------------139-140.

Ochosí, owner of Justice--------------------------------------------------141-143.

Anteción Reading---------------------------------------------------------144-145.

Quiet the Kimbizero Assassin---------------------------------------------146-148.

They do not confuse to me------------------------------------------------149-151.

The Kimbizero and its lies-------------------------------------------------152-153.

Appreciated Brother-----------------------------------------------------------154;

21 of Julio of the 2008----------------------------------------------------155-157.

History Was repeated; Volume 1-----------------------------------------------158.

Piranas Religious---------------------------------------------------------159-160.

978-0-9842338-7-8   0-9842338-7-3 .


“If You Double Cross Me You Will   Pay 

Of the Briyumba Religion with Mayombe.

When the godfather; Domingo B. Lage (Omo Elewa), known in this religion like Entuala Kongo, accedio to shape in its books its knowledge, and to teach us us, their godsons and followers in these Religions all its legacies.


It seems to us that it is the company greater than in the matter of apologetic he is being made in this time, since one is based on a great truth and he absolutely does not exaggerate nada.Y I more still say. I say it and I can prove it it, first, because I have known its treasures the initiated salary to me in the religions, I have sworn myself in the Mayombe Wood, and seated in Ocha and, second, because I have read all I’ts works. Rare it would be to find a job that by less and relatively surpasses it, since originalísmo is a fundamental work, plenty of admirable points of view, of I touch teachers who penetrate the heart and enrich the understanding, and that fills the soul entirely and produce a deep conviction, rest and placidness in the spirit. It is a full work of unction, science of doctrine escogidísima, rich and select erudition, written in delicate and primorosa form. It exactly reveals qualities superior and excpcionales in its responsibility of that, to its time, has been elevated and awarded, to the dignity of being priest of Yoruba, and the Greater Trunk of the Branch of Lemba. It is a true contemporary glory, he honors of his lucky mother country Cuba, treasure legitimamente in the religions that profess of our ancestors lucumies, bantu, Nkoria Nñene Abakuá, that it had by many years and enjoyed legitimately in the religions that saw, pleased, does not stop less, by one of the greatest apologists of these times, narrator of first order, great prosista and remarkable thinker.


Connoisseur like few of the African religions, the necessities of the knowledge of his time, and us the monks, and adorned of qualities difficult to reunite at the moment, is a priest that we hoped leaves glorious name and continues doing incalculable good in us his godsons and followers of religions, with this work that, in my humble judgment, and hoping that the good spirits that accompanies it grant to him, she will be truely inmortal worthy to be studied incessantly mainly in these so turbulent times in uncertain, reads its works and one will not regret.  

Black African Cat.



The Ttraties of the Wzards;



History--------------------------------------------------------------- 1-3.

Feelings not badly I instill--------------------------------------------4.


Tumba of the Insufficient Godfathers----------------------------7-8.


As one works with the Nganga)------------------------------------10.

Reguardos and works on the foot of nganga-----------------11-20.

The Jewish or Christian Nganga Does not exist-------------21-23.

Dissertations of a gangulero without Scruple---------------24-25.

Entuala- brother-----------------------------------------------------26.

Literature for the Readers---------------------------------------27-28.

The Old Respect made the Godfathers------------------------29-31.

Answered its Brother Letter------------------------------------32-33.

Questions and Answers-----------------------------------------34-40.

The History of Sharon Coleman Nava -----------------------41-45.

Ray Divides Puñeta that responds my Ndiga the Congo---46-47.

Munio Field direction-finding Finda Kunansieto------------48-49.

You can------------------------------------------------------------50-52.

In 1700-------------------------------------------------------------53-54.

The Sincretizatión Onelio Sotolongo--------------------------55-59.

Fermín and William---------------------------------------------60-66.

For Ramon Herrera Tail-----------------------------------------67-70.

The History of Camden N.J-------------------------------------71-82.

Paleros Christian-------------------------------------------------83-86.

Obara Ogundá----------------------------------------------------87-90.

They go of Branches as if they were Monkeys--------------91-93.

“The Great Fiestón of Seven Mpaca”-----------------------------94.

The things of the Dictionary------------------------------------95-98.

Mr. Domingo----------------------------------------------------99-100.

Temple of Lemba---------------------------------------------------101.


It answers for Ramon Herrera Tail-------------------------105-106.

It answers for the Nfumbe-----------------------------------------107.

The History of Victor the Munankita-----------------------108-109.

Father Ngo-----------------------------------------------------110-112.

This type if this Crazy person-------------------------------113-118.


The discussion with the Religious Maid-------------------125-131.

“Traduucción of the Spanish to the Bantue --------------132-134.

Samuel excuses my question--------------------------------135-137.

The Great Power----------------------------------------------138-140.

Who is Truly Entuala Kongo--------------------------------141-142.

Look for it ........ Now? --------------------------------------143-144.

Engaño of the Cotalima in P Rico--------------------------145-146.

Misael the Superman------------------------------------------147-148

Treaty of Nascar and Winnie the Pooh.. --------------149-150

1SBN 978-0-9842901-7-8   0-9842901-7-